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What Credit Score Do You Need to Get a Credit Card?

What Credit Score Do You Need to Get a Credit Card?

How to increase your score is one of the wishes of many people looking for a higher limit on their credit card. Today we want to pass on special tips for you to achieve this.

Many scholars and finance experts recommend that the most recommended for you to increase your credit score is to insure your credit requests to the market.

In other words, wait a while for it to rise again with patience. However, we know that each case is different. While some people take 30 days, others take months and even years to get a good score.

The first big tip to increase your score
Many scholars in the field of financial economics recommend making a budget of your expenses, as it is one of the best ways to save money and keep track of where your money is draining.

An important thing to say is that if you manage to reserve small amounts of money pre-defined for specific needs, such as buying food, entertainment, clothing, transport and others, you will surely pay for everything more easily.

Know how to use your credit card to your advantage

You need to know when and how to use your credit card. Small purchases must always be made on your credit card, as you can refund the card almost instantly or when the invoice expires without missing the deadline, so you will be considered a good payer.

On the other hand, larger purchases must be made in bank debt or installment loan with fixed interest so that you are sure that you will not pay extra fees if you pay the bill late.

Anyway, you need to follow these basic steps to have your credit score increased, and finally, have more facilities for your life.

What credit score do you need to be approved for a credit card?
FICO score Recommended credit cards
700 to 749 (Great / Good) for Rewards Credit Card
600 to 699 (Good) for common cards

Where to find more information on how to increase the score?

Look for more information at your bank branches, or at the email addresses of the credit card companies you are interested in.

Good luck!

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